I birthed a baby!
November 6, 2020
Sorry mum, not a human baby, but a career baby!

Sorry mum, not a human baby, but a career baby!

I must say, I’ve been stalling to write this first blog post for some time now.

I thought it had to be perfect and I didn’t think I would have enough content to talk about. The more I expressed this to others, the more I heard that either A: blogs aren’t meant to be perfect and B: people want to read them as if they are having a discussion with you.

Neato – so, here it goes!

Since this year brought so many odd changes and challenges, most of which were completely unexpected, I decided to take my career and company to the next level. This wasn’t without great help and support from my loved ones, the community that I had built over nearly 9 years of business (which was then known as RDDI – Red Door Décor Inc) and my incredible business coach Sanja. These three communities have played a massive role in the conception and rebirth of my business. But, ultimately, it wouldn’t have been actualized if it wasn’t for the Shakti Brand Incubator that I joined in March of 2020.

Within this container I was asked to dig deep.

To connect to what I want to express to the world, then figure out a way to make it tangible and inclusive. While working through this process, I learned so much about what connection and fulfillment means to me- on a level that exists beyond the boundaries of money.

I would often asked myself; “What would I be doing, if money wasn’t involved?”

I learned that I would be doing exactly this: consciously creating spaces and places for people to feel fully expressed. Furthermore, it allowed me to gain insight into the areas where I disconnect from parts of myself, in order to show up in the world in a way I believed I was expected to show up. Showcasing parts of myself instead of my whole self. This often led to a distance and disconnect in my work, adding more pressure or complication to the process when it ultimately comes from the heart.

My biggest take away, however, was the fact that we are all so beautifully unique.

In the brand incubator, I witnessed firsthand the kind of magic we all possess when we align ourselves with our authenticity and share our vulnerabilities. This gave me the courage to step out of the proverbial ‘spiritual closet’ and own my ability to truly create from a divine and innate place within me. It also increased my resiliency to hold space, so others can do the same.

This process wasn’t without its trials and tribulations, many of which stemmed from a place of fear. The fear of not being accepted if I took a more holistic approach. The fear of never making money again because I would be too “weird” and inaccessible to work with. And above all, the fear that I wouldn’t be myself anymore. Turns out those fears have been completely obliterated! I’m also so very happy to report that I have never EVER felt more me than I feel right now and wowza… is that ever an incredible feeling!

This soul-searching process has been a wild ride! At times, it’s been exhilarating, so full of magic, excitement and creativity. While other times it was gruelling, exhausting and required more from me than I originally expected or intended to give, but boy- am I ever happy I did! With help and guidance, I’ve birthed Pleiadian Home.

This has been a true labour of love and I’m so proud to share it with the world.

Love Always,